Property Ownership

Don’t get caught out by fire damage this summer

With another hot Perth summer on the horizon, property owners should ensure their fire protection equipment is compliant and that their building insurance cover is sufficient.

It is important to comply with fire standards for personal safety reasons, to minimise damage in the event of a fire, and to ensure that the terms and conditions of your insurance policy are met.

Incidences of deliberately lit fires also increase over the summer months as young fire bugs are on school holidays. In fact, WA has a dedicated police arson squad responsible for monitoring the Perth metropolitan area during the summer months.

Security measures restricting access reduce the risk of arson considerably. These measures might include:

  • Use of external lighting
  • Monitored security and fire systems
  • Locking windows and doors outside of business hours
  • Keeping industrial rubbish bins locked and secured
  • Reporting suspicious behaviour to authorities such as Crime Stoppers

Iconic Commercial Property can assist by organising a fire safety contractor to provide advice on what type of equipment you should have on site and carry out any routine maintenance as required. Occupants should train employees in both fire prevention measures as well as the procedure to follow in case of fire during business hours.

Unsure what your responsibilities are as either a landlord or tenant? Get in touch and we can point you in the right direction. Call Alicia on 9228 9111.